Junk Food Cleanse

I just got home from 8 days of eating a whole bunch of really nutritionally void things like Baskin Robbins ice cream cones and Coke by the gallon.  Vacations should be like that and when I step on the scale to find I gained 3-4 lbs. I just shouldn’t be surprised at all.  AT ALL!  But I can be all, “This ends now!”  and then spend the day on Pinterest pinning all kinds of healthy stuff.

Dinner tonight consisted of:

Lighter Sesame Chicken from Alida’s Kitchen.


Bill had helped himself to a fancy dinner of toast prior to my cooking session because I had to run Crazy Man into town where he was joining his cousin and uncle in a walleye fishing tournament, so those two lost the chance to vote.   Remaining family votes were “awesome chicken!!” from Princess.  JP scored it a 6.5.  Curly gave it a “blech!”  I think it was pretty salty, but that mostly was because the rice wasn’t done and we just ate it alone.  I would make it again, for sure.  Nuts to the kids.

For a side, I served Tri Colored Pasta.


Of course, I didn’t add the olives because YUCK; but to impress, I made my own Creamy Caesar Dressing.   I don’t think I blended it enough because it didn’t get all that creamy.  My bad.  It is full of flavor, and although I like it, I am not sure I LOVE it.  Mostly because my favorite pasta salad involves pepperoni and my friend makes it, not me, and that makes everything better, right?

Meal-impressive-level of very high was given to this effort.  It was pretty.  And it wasn’t served in a waffle cone.  Which both was good for me and very sad to me.


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