Oh Brother

My little brother is here spending time with the best big sister in the whole wide world.  I think I am also a prime candidate for “best little sister” of the three older brothers who can claim me.  They are very blessed. 


Last night, after a double date of half-price appetizers at Applebees, the little brother, his wife, Bill, and I went where all people go on a Friday night at 10:30:  Wal-Mart.  (We have boys going off to yet another camp adventure, we needed to make a snack run.  Don’t judge my boring life.) 

Somewhere between the quesadillas and nachos, the texting began.  It started with brother #3 (just older than me) chatting away with little brother about the joys of his family vacation.  Falsehoods were being spread about me, so I jumped on my phone and texted in my own defense.  Soon, Brother #2 got involved and before we knew it we were waking brother #1 up with funny photos of Wal-mart products and even a few I had stored up from Kohl’s. 

Did you know that you can laugh so hard you have to hold on to shelves just to keep from falling over all because of cotton balls?  That is why the focus in this picture is just a wee bit off.  You just know some guy was involved in the marketing.


Did you know that the razor aisle is full of humorous product placement? Especially when you have two hair-challenged brothers, and two gorilla brothers?


What is wrong with us?  Nothing.  These people are the best.  Four brothers, one sister, super close family.  Wife of little brother and Bill had to ditch little brother and me at one point…


Don’t roll your eyes – you have been involved in a similar shopping trip at some point.  At least we were dressed appropriately.  Go look through People of Wal-mart – we are not on that site.


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