We Loveth our Dutch Oven

…And I don’t mean farting and trapping it under the blankets in order to torture others under the label of crude humor…

Our Dutch Oven brings much joy to camping.  Sure, we have made some real food in it, but honestly, we pretty much make desserts in it.  Desserts have a place in camping similar to paddles and canoes, socks and shoes, showers and towels.

You must go find liners – Walmart carries them, it is not a difficult hunt.  MUST HAVE THEM!  You don’t want to scrub anything late in a day of camping.  Late camping is for laziness.  Of course, ya gotta have charcoal.  That is just a given. 


I am taking a guess that you can make almost anything that is traditionally baked in an over in one of these babies – here is a temp chart for ya:


Ok, so the best thing we made this trip was a spin on apple crisp.  I found a recipe on Pinterest and we followed it, with a couple baking modifications.  Cinnamon Roll Dutch Apple Pie.    I mean, it has the word “Dutch” in it.  It was meant to be.

1.  Quarter the cinnamon rolls and put in the bottom of Dutch Oven.



2.  Coat apples that you brought already sliced up and ready to go.  To do this, slice them and simply freeze them.  When they thaw, they will be brown, but who cares, they are getting cooked so it doesn’t matter.  Just dump all the stuff in the bag, shake to coat, and dump into the Dutch Oven.


3.  Dump all the topping on top.


4.  Put the Dutch Oven onto the right amount of charcoal and put some on the lid so your oven reaches the right temp (according to the chart above.)


5.  Sit back and grab a book.




6. Heat the frosting part while the stuff bakes and you read.


(While heating frosting, dry out friend’s phone that accidentally went swimming in the lake.)


7.  Drizzle frosting over finished Apple Pie.  Ahhhhh, yeah.


We added Cool Whip on top, because as I have stated before, I can eat Cool Whip with a spoon and call it a meal.

Yeah, camping is better with good desserts.


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