We Were Roughing It


We spent the past five days out in the middle of the woods being chased by wild animals.  Well, sorta, ok, not really at all.  We went camping again.  Why?  Because 1) It is a cheap way to vacation with a big family and 2) We like it.  We are somewhere closer to tent dwellers than monster-house-on-wheels people.  We have our beloved pop-up camper and we like to live in it whenever possible. 

Not much of this trip went according to plan – we had reservations at Jay Cooke State Park, which flooded, so we went towards the lakes and found 2 sites at Lake Carlos.  They were non-electric, so we were forced to really rough it.  Smile  Our boat broke down after day two, so it sat in the campsite looking all nice and dry.  It was just one of those trips.  And we had fun anyway! 

We always have fun with camping food.  One of my favorite things we ate was these noodles, which we served with Asian Chicken – I could eat this combo on a very regular basis. 


 Sesame noodles

We also made fajitas – a perennial favorite.  I have switched to making my own seasoning following this recipe.  YUM!

For lunch one day, those of us who decided against PB&J ate chicken cheesesteaks.  Well, almost, I ran out of onions so we ate onion-free chicken cheesesteaks.  Oh, and I used gouda cheese instead of cheddar.  Spicy YUM!

And, we stumbled across another new dessert – details on that another day!

Ah, I love camping!!  (I tried out topless sunbathing.  Not true.)









Life is full.  Life is good.  We are blessed.



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