I Aint Goin’ To No Stupid Band Camp

JP once declared this bold statement right in front of his band director in 6th grade when she expressed her disappointment that he hadn’t applied for a Band Camp scholarship, “Band Camp?  I aint goin’ to no stupid Band Camp!”  His loss.

Today, I was the road trip warrior, two Mountain Dews required to make the trip.  Triplets home, one of which (let’s play guess who – I will give you a hint – same girl who needed to wear her hoodie even though I got an awesome sunburn today) is in full melt down and I am hoping I can send her back tomorrow.  Just kiddin’  – sorta.  GO TO BED! Obviously they worked very hard this week.  And didn’t get enough sleep.


When asked about the experience, each of the three said they would like to go again next year, and I even overheard Crazy Man telling Grandma that he was going to start saving up.  After all, they offer garage band camp, percussion camp, and middle school camp, so next year, he wouldn’t mind doing all three.  Hmmmmmmmmm, gotta think of something to sell, or maybe we can do a “Send Crazy to Band Camp 5K”.  I will think about options. Because somehow, look what he earned himself.  Outstanding Music Camper Award based on leadership and something else…skill maybe??  He also should have gotten something for looking so cute in his dress clothes while sporting his Under Armor hat.  Oh, he would kill me for saying he looked cute – he even had his first ever girl stalker.  Oh they grow up fast.



If you ever have kids who have the chance to go to stupid band camp at the International Peace Gardens, encourage it.  My kids loved it and learned a tremendous amount. 

National Anthem–piece of it, anyway


So we spent about an hour playing in the Gardens.  See those kids sitting on a bench way over in another country?  I was standing in the US – they were in Canada.  Oh the joy of that whole experience.


Some day soon, he will be bigger and way stronger than I am, but for now, he is still my little buddy.


My ladies and I – what can I say, I just love them.  Daughters…priceless. Gardens + perfect sunny day + one of us who showered today + camera = posin’.





And then we saw the triplet tree that needed to be climbed and hugged.


And handstands that needed to be handstanded. 


And back rides to be piggy-in’   What does that mean???  I donno.


And a little resting to be done.


And brick lickin’ to do.  Uh, who’s kid is this?


Gleeful at the idea of the long ride home.  Just can’t wait to get on the road again.


(This is my kid on the snare.)

March yourselves home, people, the day is getting long!


And I am glad they are home, their noise is what make our house home. Now they just need to go to bed!!



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