Dinner–Ah, to have the time to cook again

Tonight for dinner, our family was treated to a feast of healthiness.    Yup, I had a moment of inspiration thanks to Pinterest.  I refuse to be a pinner only – I will also be a doer. 

For our main course tonight, I served Sweet and Spicy Bacon Chicken.  Making it was a hands-on messy encounter. 


But very simple, except when I accidentally dumped about 1/2 cup of garlic powder into the spice mix – nothing I can’t fix.  Also, just a little hint, when the recipe says to season the chicken with all the spices, don’t roll the chicken in the spice mix – raw chicken picks up too much spice.  Even though I love (and I mean love!) garlic and pepper, this was just a wee bit much of it.  I grilled this stuff and pretty much when Curly eats two pieces, you know, you just know in your heart of hearts, that this stuff is GOOD!


For sides, I made the “Best Broccoli of Your Life”.  I knew this would be a tough sell for some of my dinner patrons who believe the only good broccoli is, well, there is no such thing.   Prep was easy.  I even had pine nuts now that I am a kitchen genius.  I liked the crispness of the oven-baked broccoli, I will do that again, but I didn’t like the lemon juice on it.  Cuz really, lemon is for drinking.   The two picky eaters at the table (one of mine and a spare) wouldn’t even touch it.  Losers.


Another side was Grilled Glazed Carrots.  Um, I lost at least two in the grates of the grill.  And flavor?  No one liked them except Lucy.  As Curly said, “Lucy may have eaten them, but we will see later if her stomach liked them.”   (Lucy tends to be a regurgitater.)


But healthy?  Yes.  And some people with more mature pallets might enjoy both veggies.

The hit of the night was the garlic bread…this one is my original recipe.  Buy garlic bread from Sams, slice thick, butter both sides, grill.  AMEN SISTER!!  Eat entire loaf to offset the healthy other stuff.

Then go to Zumba and shake your groove thing! 

Well, this isn’t a meal that happens every day!!  Rejoice, for the Pieper family didn’t have to eat PB&J toast tonight.  Or left over taco-in-a-bag. 


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