Just a Swell Start…

Summer…lazy days at the lake floating on a inner tube, sipping a cold Mt Dew, snacking on gummy worms.  Sleeping in, tanning while catching up on books, relaxing around a bonfire.  

– OR –

Steroid shots, prednisone, and iffy cut on a head.  WHAT?  Two days into this thing and we have already used up all our patience.

Seems the boys got themselves into a wee bit of poison ivy.  The wonderful result was 2 doctor visits, a shot of steroids X 2, and oral meds to get it under control. 


And then, Princess was relaxing in a hammock with a buddy when the hammock decided the fall out of the tree.  The result from this excitement was a gash in her head.  Should she go in and get a couple staples or should we just let it heal on its own?  Such a conundrum.  When does a mom know the point when a doctor needs to be involved?  This is how we made the decision:

Her hair is awesome.  It is thick and long, and she just got an awesome hair cut.  If I took her in, they just might cut a little of her hair off the top of her head, and we cant have that!!  So we cleaned it out ourselves and called it healed.  This is her first gash in all its glory. I think I deserve an MD after my name for this one.


Now that we have a gash and poison ivy checked off the list, this summer can continue with no more excitement, please.


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