Happy Easter Piep Style


Holidays can sometimes bring great amounts of stress, which distracts us from the real reason for the holiday.  Christmas – so much decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, blah blah blah…no celebrating Jesus.  Easter can be the same…so we decided this year, with a 5 day vacation from school and nothing planned, that we would go low key and do it Pieper style and this is what happened.

First, we did away with wearing of ties with our tie cutting ceremony.


Lucy loves wearing a tie, but we have worked so hard to teach her that ties are for boys.


Ok, the honest truth is that we made tie Easter eggs, following this tutorial.  Some turned out ok, some didn’t.  Oh well, points for trying something new.


Easter baskets are for babies.  Or people who have over achieving parents.  My kids are neither.  We bought them off.  They are happy.  And Lucy wont puke after she eats tons of wrappers.


We threw the ham in the oven around 7:45 AM because we were on the worship team at church this Sunday and learned an important lesson.  I knew the minute we walked back in the house 5 hours later that we were experiencing a nasty pig mishap.  Oh well.  Bill picked the edible parts out.  We still ate it.  After all, it wasn’t toast.


Child labor is cheap around here and since the kids eat mashed potatoes by the gallon, we made the trio peel potatoes.  I taught them the old “one per person, one for the pot” rule and then explained how it doesn’t apply to us.  Peel until your wrists are numb.  I had to tell Curly to smile about 10 times for this picture.  She wasn’t happy about it all.


Since the eldest child doesn’t cook (soooo sorry, future wife) we put him on dishes duty.  For that, he is well trained.  (You’re welcome, future wife.)  Yes, the kitchen was already full of dirty dishes.  That is the way a laid-back Easter looks.


We put on our best clothes for dinner.  For real.  He wore his suit to church – first time in his life ever.  It was off the minute we got home.  Suits are not needed for eating and napping.


The next step is to be sure you serve out of Tupperware because it saves on dishes afterward.  This is really important.


Said son #1 of the above two bowls, “what is the difference between the two potatoes?”  Uh…..the red bowl is cauliflower. 


That comment even made the potatoes smile. 


And then we took a nap.  Sometimes we need to rest.  This is that time.  The end of Easter 2012. 

Thank-you, Jesus, for what you did for us.


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