Beach Wear

About a month ago, Bill and I spent a week in Jamaica.  We took in all kinds of sights.  We toured parts of the island while between the airport and Negril and then again from Negril to where we did touristy stuff.  Yup, we saw a ton of stuff that made us want to get to know the Jamaicans better.  I will blog about that soon.

We also saw a bunch of stuff that made us want to take a few tourists by the shoulders and tell them, “Really?  With the availability of swimsuits on the internet (and yes, I searched high and low, so I know) you should know better than to wear that.”  Or in some cases, “You should at least be wearing something to cover those up.”


Because really, no one wants to see those things dangling around like National Geographic.

And then men.  Just because you can buy little banana hammocks doesn’t mean you should.  Very few men should wear those things.  Like maybe Michael Phelps and that’s about it.  300-pound men with guts bigger than mine was while I was carrying the trifecta should NOT walk around in those.

The resort had food available 24/7 but I was sick the whole time.  It could have been something I ate but I am pretty sure it was a reaction to all the saggy parts the tourists were sporting.  Here’s to you, Mr. Inventor of Imodium AD!

To you, fellow travelers who insist on being all nude on the beach, go to Hedonism II next time, I hear it is just wild.


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