Reverse Bucket List

Stories I plan to never tell because they never will or I hope they never will actually happen:

1.  The time I gave a speech to thousands of people…I would get sick.  See #5.  It can happen.

2.  The time I swam with sharks…even with a cage, it is a no-go for me.

3.  The time my house burned down the one night when I was sleeping naked…ask Bill, this is a true fear of mine.  So, I don’t sleep naked ever.  It is a safety issue, people.  I have four kids to help out of the house…

4.  The time I ate sushi.  Have NO desire to do that ever.  Call me a sheltered mid-western.  Whatever.  I don’t even like cooked fish.

5.  The time I crapped my pants in public – oh wait, shoot, that has happened.  Darn that parade and it’s marching band!!

6.  The time I completed a triathlon.   Nope.  Not on my list to do EVER.  Most of all, the clothes – I don’t look good in skin-tight stuff.

7.  The time I cannon-balled during a polar plunge event.  Nuts. Or not.

8.  The time I balanced our checkbook and took over the bills.  Because this simply means something bad happened to Bill and then Missi and/or Janell were not available to take over.

9.  The time I made it on to Entertainment Tonight.  For any reason ever.  People are crazy.  Hollywood is full of nutso’s who for some reason carry clout.  Not with me.

10.  The time I sang the National Anthem at the Superbowl.  Again, see #5, and know that I can’t carry a tune.  So that is a double whammy.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ducky
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 11:08:57

    OOh! I love the way you set this up as stories…. awesome! Swimming with sharks is on my list too and honest to goodness truth I never even thought about having to run out of the house naked because it was on fire.

    I might have to buy a robe to hang on the back of the door….


  2. allison
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 12:03:59

    Great list! I would have to agree with #5. You really want to try to avoid publicly pooping your self if at all possible. Singing the National Anthem made my list too. I’m feeling woozy just thinking about it.


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