A day to remember…or forget. Either way…

Last night, my Facebook status read:

I am feeling feeble today…sometimes feeling feeble reminds me that 1) I am and 2) I don’t have to be superwoman. “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ “

And when my alarm went off this morning, I could hardly move.  My back is showing a little wear and tear, which it does from time to time.  I went to the chiropractor this afternoon where it is never good to hear, “I am not sure where to start.” and, “I am worried about you.” and “You are really going to hurt.” and “You need to come back tomorrow.”  because my back is so tight she couldn’t get a couple places to let loose.  I think an elephant could sit on me and MAYBE that would move a few things, but maybe not.  Today’s treatment involved a little electrocution electroshock therapy electro stimulation, heat, and biofreeze.  I feel like I got hit by a truck.  One the positive side, she told me my lower back (read: butt) was very tight, which I took as a compliment.

But I didn’t sit around after that, nope, she told me not to.  She told me no running and no Bodypump, but she ok’d barre fitness class

Description: Barre Fitness is a unique high/energy non impact workout that combines the ballet barre, light weights, sponge ball, and mat work to lengthen and sculpt your muscles and create a beautiful, lean body. Using Ballet & Pilates dynamic exercises combined with Yoga stretches, your muscles are targeted and overloaded to the point of fatigue and then stretched for relief. Join us for this muscle-defining waist-chiseling, seat lifting workout so you too can experience all the wonderful results it will give you!

Ah, this class was kinda like a thigh nightmare.  I was jiggling and suffering and after just one class, I think my butt is pretty much a rock while still in lava form, of course.  It’s all good, I walk like an old lady, so why not sag like one too?  whatever.

#15024 Old Woman With A Sore Back Using A Cane Clipart by DJArt


After I tanned to help all my reality melt away, I remembered that I was supposed to attend some sort of parent meeting at the 9th grade.  I sauntered in with my DQ cheeseburger (hey, I earned it) and found a good place on the rock-hard bleachers to sit.  It was then that three things took turns going through my thoughts:

1.)  I spilled ketchup on my sleeve and I stink like smooshed tomato.

2.) My back is really tightening up thanks to the plastic bench under my butt.

3.)  Why am I registering JP for high school?  He is just a kid.

Seriously, that was all I could think about.  And those three things combined made me want to puke.  Or cry.  Or both.

Some days, reality is just a big kick in the butt.


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