It’s hard to be a girl

My little Princess is stuck in between worlds.

After chaperoning the Boy Scout overnighter, I pretty much laid in bed in my jammies all day.  I slept for most of it, but for a couple hours, the girls joined me and we watched Say Yes to the Dress.  Princess loves that show.  Curly watches it but I haven’t figured out why.  She is not planning to ever wear a wedding dress – in fact, today she told me her wedding dress will actually be pants.  She also wants to arrive to her wedding in an old car.  She loves those old cars.  Can you picture her arriving in style and stepping out in her sweats and hoodie?  Her future groom better have a good sense of humor.


But Princess, oh my, she loves all that is wedding.  Big ball gowns, horse-drawn carriages, the cakes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, some day she will cost us an arm and a leg.  Or a kidney.  I laid next to her, knowing that some day, she and I will be planning a huge over the top event.

Then, this evening, we stumbled upon Miss America.  And Princess flipped.  She didn’t buy into it.

“Who walks around wearing high heels and swim suits? And plus, no one walks like this ** great version of the swinging hip walk they all sport**”

“They need to gain 10 pounds.”

“Who would walk around in a swimsuit just to get a crown when you can just go out and buy one or make one?”

“Jeez, that swimsuit doesn’t even fit her.”  (spoken about the boob spillage)

And I smiled inside and out.  She not only has princess dreams, but a good brain and common sense.  Phshewwwwwwwwwwwww. 


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