Here We Go Again

So I have mentioned before that we are licensed foster care providers who work within a Family Support program.  Basically, we get to know a family going through some things who are needing some support and we provide that support.  We do this by mentoring the parent(s) and by providing six overnight stays per month for the child.  We have had 4 different children in our home through this program and have loved it but have taken the past couple months off.  Our last kiddo graduated out of the program and we have other fish to fry so we didn’t hop into another placement.  After all, the new seasons of our favorite shows had started and we were really booked with all the new shows we wanted to watch.

We told our families that we were probably done providing support for a while because our own kids do a great job of running us ragged by themselves.  We told them that we were tired.  We told them that we would only be doing it for the money.  We told them we were too busy.  We told them so many things.  And then God told us otherwise. 

Our pastor preached a sermon two Sundays ago that I though was perfect for people sitting around me to hear.  I listened closely while he talked about being moldable and usable in the 99% of life that is mundane.  (Of course, so little of our lives is mundane, but who am I to argue?)  We were comfortable in our 99%.  We had this game all figured out.  God is using us to go to the gym everyday and get all buff and stuff like that.  We are really busy people.

And then two days later, we got a phone call.  I laughed at God’s timing, but didn’t even flinch.  He seems to work that way.  Tell Him “no” and He will just chuckle at your simple mind and remind you that your “no” may just bring a “Au contraire, Mon frère.” And since He is the boss of me, and Bill goes along with it, we will be meeting a possible placement tomorrow.  I am actually pretty excited.  If it is a good fit, we move forward.  If not, so be it.

And that is what is new with the Piepers today…

Oh, that AND our ring bearer got engaged.  Yeah, we are getting old.  This is him being all ring-bearer-like and stoic at our very serious wedding.  He is the one on the left.  I taught him how to walk.  What is happening?

Mark & boys


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  1. Missi
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 08:05:05

    YOU feel like you’re getting old?!!!!
    I love that picture- one of my favs!


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