New Years Resolutions

I don’t do them.  Period.  End of story.  I do like the idea, but I never keep them, so why set myself up for failure.

This year, I started my “new me” crap at the end of November.  Bill and I signed up for the gym.  While he has gone all gang busters nutso and decided to spin and circuit and all that sweaty stuff, I have taken the “I don’t want to hate it after a week” meets “I want to be able to walk tomorrow” approach.  I watched other people work out while I walked laps.  This was my view (taken from their facebook page.)


After about a week of testing out a couple machines upstairs and a couple more downstairs, and mostly watching other people, I did what I thought I would never do, I met with a personal trainer.  Of all days, I forgot my workout socks so I met with a personal trainer in my block dress socks.  He (yes, he) showed me what 7 strength training things to do to help my lower back and the rest of me without hurting my lower back.  He was a genius, so far so good.  And I am all hot now and stuff.


This bike room makes me want to poop my pants.  Seriously, I am not sure I will ever go to a class there.  But maybe this month, I will join one of the other cults there – ya know, like the zumba chicks or the yoga babes, or when I am all smooth and sleek, I might be found in the Yogalates class.  I will most likely continue with my version of working out for quite some time, and until that times comes, when I am Chuck Norris-like, I will hope that my lumps and rolls don’t show in my awesome new workout clothes. 

PS.  All our Christmas cookies are almost gone, so life is about to go back to normal.


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