<3 this family!

Love everywhere! 

20111124_124308_2407 20111124_130918_2430

20111124_125637_2411  20111124_131146_2434

I was told that I am not skinny.  But she didn’t mean it.  She meant I am rounded out nicely.  Yeah, she did.  Diet starts NOW!

20111124_130539_2426 20111124_145012_2439 20111124_152228_2458

Next year, the nephew on the left will be taller than I am.  The fella in the middle is the family turkey.  Three trouble makers cousins.

20111124_130511_2424  20111124_130050_2416

20111124_140517_2436  20111124_145115_2441

Thumbs up for Deviled Eggs. Salami art.

Me and my daddy.  Grandma and three of the grandkids.

20111124_152248_2459 20111124_152216_2457  20111124_131031_2431

More family turkey. Every family has one.  Trouble makers Cousins again.  Next year, the fella on the right WONT be taller than I am.  Yippy!

20111124_151541_2448  20111124_152413_2460

20111124_124330_2408 20111124_124419_2409

The older variety cousins.  The girlie cousins, slightly outnumbered.

  Last year, these two were almost the same size.  One of these boys puked Thanksgiving night.

20111124_145040_2440  20111124_152000_2452

Is there any doubt I have so much to be thankful for?


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