So many reasons!

Someone is another year older today!!  It aint me!

So many more reasons to love being married to my guy. (List #1 here)

He fixes vacuums.

He cleans my oven when I am afraid to.


He lifted Crazy Man up for almost the whole Toby Mac concert at Sonshine.

He pretty much is the brains of this operation.

He promised to love me over 16 years ago, and he still does.


He loves and cares for his mom in a tremendous way.  (Well, who wouldn’t?)


He is predictable and realistic, which pretty much balances the very wing-diggity-it me.  “Squirrel?”

He is learning to put the TV tray away each night – trust me, this is a big deal to me.

He is a great example of Christ’s love for us – he never gives up on me or runs out of patience for us, except when he needs to lay down the law.

He molested a dolphin because I made us late for the demo on how to correctly pet a dolphin and never told me it was my fault, even though the blame was clearly mine.


He not only got me a sewing machine, but also learned how to use it for those special times when one of the boys says, “I need a badge sewn on in 10 minutes!!”  Real men can sew.

He parasailed with me, but it wasn’t the actual parasailing that showed his love that day!  It was mopping up after me without muttering one word!!  NOT ONE WORD!

20110206_122347_5443 20110206_124041_5480

He walked through sewage this morning to mop up the problem.

He cared for Lucy after her major surgery, even sleeping in a tent in our garage one night so Lucy could be with her people. (read: Lucy LOVES Bill!)


He laughs when he sees my receipts after a weekend of shopping, even though inside, he is probably crying.


He does all our snow removal.

He chipped his two front teeth being a great sport at Scout Camp this summer!  Our kids are lucky to have him as their daddy!

He dusts our ceiling fans.

He replaces all the burnt-out light bulbs.

He took Curly in for her shots – that alone speaks volumes.  Tough love.

Happy Birthday, Bill!!  We are a very blessed family.  Thanks for everything you do for us on a daily basis and for all the times you go above and beyond.  Witnessing all the extras you have done this year has been a reminder of how selfless you are.  Love you tons!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Missi
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 07:44:44

    You got yourself a great guy. 🙂 Happy b’day to Bill!


  2. Erik A. Sather
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 21:07:25

    Wow, Bill, you really set the bar high for the rest of us!

    Erik Sather


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