What to blog about?

I am out of inspiration, so I had to take it to the expert.  Curly has some ideas for me:

Me:  Hey, what should I blog about?

Curly:  Underwear.

Me:  Why underwear?

Curly:  Why underwear is smaller these days.

Me: Smaller since when?

Curly:  Since cave men days.  People used to wear those long things, now underwear is much smaller.

(Here is a morph of the two lines of thought.)



Me:  Huh, deep thoughts there, Curly.

Curly:  Then you can also talk about how it isn’t fair that dogs don’t have to wipe their butts.

Me:  They lick them instead.

Curly:  Disgusting, mom!

Me:  That’s how I roll.

Curly:  If you don’t talk about that, talk about how some people’s houses really stink. 


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