Baking up a storm

It may be record-setting warm around here, but I am kicking into baking mode.  Why?  Why is it built into my genetic make-up that in October, I must make at least one pumpkin dessert?  I hate pumpkin stuff.  Seriously.  But I had the inclination to bake tonight, and when that desire hits, I roll with it.  All of the goods are going to school with me tomorrow and to guy fishing weekend up north.  So I can successfully taste them and release the calories to others.

I found just the dessert to fill my annual pumpkin quota – the blogger doesn’t like pumpkin either and she liked these things!  (And any dessert with the word “dump” in it reminds me of my childhood with four brothers.)  Pumpkin Dump Cake  We ate it when it was still really warm because I just pulled it out of the oven and we want to go to sleep – getting old, but we had to try it so I could tell you what we think.  I hope once it cools and sets, it is less mushy, but it tastes really good.  Good enough for me to pick it over chocolate?  Never.  But you pumpkin lovers will like it – it has two sticks of butter melted all over them – what’s not to love?


And then once I found this one dessert on her blog, I found two more that I just had to make.

Peanut Butter Brownie Cups are pretty much a delight of all sorts of wonderful deliciousness.  I admit it, I forced one out of the muffin cup before it was cool enough to hold itself together just so I could *have* to try it.  I shared with the kids, honestly.  And then we all had big glasses of milk.  But peanut butter + chocolate = AWESOME!!  My goal will be to figure out sizes to make these in mini-muffin tins because they are so rich.  and again, I repeat, these things are ridiculous!!


Somebody stop me!!  Baking up all these new things.  I even had to send a kid on a recon mission to get more brown sugar from a neighbor so I could make the frosting for Apple Toffee Blondies.  Yep, moving onto fruits.  I am trying to eat healthy, ya know. 

I am not sure if something went wrong or if my taste buds were spoiled by the Peanut Butter Brownie Cups, but they taste like plastic to me – I think it is the frosting?  I also think I used half the butter the bar recipe calls for.  Hmmmmmmmm…I guess maybe I messed it up somehow – I will take it to the guinea pigs tomorrow and see what kind of feedback I get.


I predict…I wont make these again. 

Ok, I have eaten enough junk tonight to have a stomach ache.  So, what are you baking and sampling these days?


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