Where I’m from

I am from fishing poles, from Crestliner  and Classic Coke.  I am from a family one female short of what should have been.  I am from a step-mom who loves me.
I am from the olive green trailer house…crowded, then too empty, under heated.  Junk yard boats surrounding.  Football games.  Garter snakes.

I am from the pine trees, cedar bogs, mosquitos, the frogs.  Walleyes, Bald Eagles, horse flies.

I am from Pell Grant Christmases and obnoxiously poor, from Dad, step-mom, 3 big brothers and 1 little brother.  From many pet turtles.

I am from the insanely hilarious and loving.  Over the top of both.

From “You don’t know where home is”  and “You are nothing like your mom.”

I am from the middle of the bogs where frog songs are deafening in the spring, kids build tree forts in the middle of the woods, and drivers memorize every reflector in the ditches and know when a new reflection is that of deer eyes.  

I’m from America, where I am proudly a mutt who’s bloodlines can be traced to a multitude of European countries; venison, and powdered milk.  From cabbage wedges  from government cheese.

From the hunting opener, the fishing opener (backwoods, snowmobile race tracks around the yard.)

I am from an incomplete baby book, memories, and yearbooks.  Cheerleading pictures on Facebook, videos of my nephews, and computers full of recent pictures.  The memories of time spent with my family are my most cherished things.

(Oh, and before all this, I was from the cult.)  Do you still wonder why I am the way I am?

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christy @ cat fur to make kitten britches
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 08:09:06

    What a great line to end your post with! This was a fun read.

    (Stopping by via Mama Kat…)


  2. Tatter Scoops
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 05:47:16

    Beautifully written. I’m with you on the Facebook pictures – but I wasn’t a cheerleader more like the childhood pictures that were all burnt away when we lost our home 🙂


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