Day one of Being all healthy – Again

Bill and I started this wonderful journey of being healthy.  Obviously, we would both like to drop a few pounds, but although that may be his driving force, mine is simply to feel better again.  After eating junk all summer and gaining a few pounds, I don’t feel healthy.  We are mostly going about it with food – exercise is overrated.  (I did walk and ride my bike yesterday.  So there.)

Today started with a delicious but gagicious breakfast of scrambled egg whites with spinach (yummy, but I don’t do well swallowing food in the early morning) and oatmeal with flaxseed.  Bill found the plain oatmeal to be boring after year and year, perhaps his entire lifetime, of eating Quaker Strawberries and Cream instant oatmeal.  Well, of course, that stuff is 20% oatmeal 80  %crap that tastes good. 

Ok, so this may be a healthy start, but not one that will keep us on the plan long, so tonight, we tried these and LOVED them, so this is the new plan for breakfast:

Frozen Banana Slushie things:

  • 1 frozen banana, cut into pieces before freezing
  • 2 tbsp skim milk (or your favorite milk substitute)
  • ½ scoop (16 g) vanilla whey protein powder  (we used chocolate)
  • We added fresh strawberries too, and will add flaxseed tomorrow as well

Add all ingredients to your food processor and blend until smooth and whipped-looking. Using a spatula, scrape “ice cream” into serving bowl. Enjoy!   Tip: If the banana gets mashed and stuck on the bottom of the container so the blades can’t get to it, just add a little more milk to get it moving.

I think Bill will be in charge of blending these up for us.  Either that, or he will be eating oatmeal.  Smile

So anyway,  I also found this website that has some cool articles and recipes on it – LiveWell360 and although I may not subscribe to all of it, a lot of it seemed really good and I am going to have fun reading and taking my own spin on it – good and bad.  So on that note (Janelle, get your mind out of the gutter!!):

Things my Body Enjoys:

1.  Napping and Sleeping in – basically, more sleep, I just cant get enough

2.  Massages – both deep tissue by someone who knows what they are doing and nightly “quick, rub that same place in my shoulder” from Bill, who over the years has memorized my knot system.  My back is like a constellation.

3.  Sweatpants – who needs defined waists?

4.  My taste buds enjoy Coke and Mt Dew a lot

5.  Hot Baths almost every night

6.  Sleeping in a cold room, windows open, with lots of blankets and flipping the pillow to the cold side often.

7.  Warm sun – especially in winter – when we stepped off the plane in Miami last Feb, it was instant healing of my soul.

8.  Good music.  I can scrub toilets with a smile if I have cranked good music going.  Which right now is Switchfoot

9.  Laughing until Giddy, being Giddy until laughing, being in that place when I can just let loose and everything is funny.

10.  Bonfires in the cool fall.  Cold backs, warm feet.

11.  Pedicures, and fresh hair cuts.

12.  Sand and waves – ocean, lake, wherever; no better place to relax

13.  Being with my extended family is also good for my body – stress relief in the form of comfort and laughter

So these are the things I will try to do more of because they are good for me.  The one thing my body despises more that anything else is getting up at 6:15 AM – I haven’t found a work-around for that issue yet. 


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