Today’s lesson at school was a first. 

Setting:  Classroom



Main Characters: Teacher, student, and me

Secondary Characters:  The rest of the class

Background:  We were playing a spelling review game.  Student (playing part of teacher) another student and I (playing part of students who can’t spell) are writing our words on dry erase boards. 

“Teacher”:  the word is same

Me:  S – A – M

“Teacher”:  Um, you forgot the ‘e’

Me:  Oh, same, as in me and Mrs. “Nelson” are pretty much the same.

“Teacher”:  No you aren’t, your hair is different, your eyes are different, your (eyes starting to move up and down my body searching for something) bodies are different and one EPIC thing is different but I am not allowed to say it.

Me:  Good choice (noticing he is scoping my chest)

(I think this translates to, “Are you scoping me?!?!?!” – Source)

“Teacher”:  I am not allowed to say it, but do you know what I mean – EPIC?

Me:  Sure I do

“Teacher”: It means stupid things that I can’t say

Me:  Actually it means big and awesome

“Teacher”:  (Pointing at my chest)  Those are way different from Mrs. “Nelson”.  They are EPIC.


Bill agrees.

Kids are learning stuff so young these days.


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