Camp Oh-yeah-this-is-the-way-it-is-supposed-to-be!!

This weekend, we joined our friends (Scrapping and Baking Buddy’s family) for a couple days of doing NOTHING.  It was the best.

Camping used to be a horrible amount of work.  When the kids were little, it was so much work it almost wasn’t worth it.  We came back and slept for days.  Just look how tired I was…


Now, we go camping and while the kids run around, we sleep.


We kick back and sip coffee while the kids do the work.



We surf, we e-mail, we play games.


Some of us were double fistin’ it.


Campfires were always a nightmare back in the day.  We drew a line in the dirt and the kids were not allowed to go inside the line of terror.  S’mores?  Crap, I hated s’mores time.  Red hot pokers being held by pre-schoolers.  Tell me who thought it would be a good time?


Now, it is enjoyable.  Wanna S’more?  Get it yourself.  I am too busy being lazy.


This night, around the fire, we enjoyed some Wobblin’ and some Polka.  Yes, for real.  I danced.  The kids danced.  The video didn’t turn out.


We made two-headed monsters,


And “snow” angels.


And we laughed a lot.


And the kids had to drink a lot of pop just to keep up.


Camping these days is everything it is supposed to be.


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