Update on Lucy, the superdog…super something anyway

I got this in an e-mail, I have seen it on discussion boards, I don’t know who to give credit to, it is not mine, but I love it:

Ok, I have been getting questions about how Lucy, the best dog in the world, is doing now that she is 2 1/2 months post TPLO surgery.  At times, she looks like she is about 12.  She gets up slowly, she moves slowly at first and takes extra time to stretch, and she lays back down a little gingerly.  And other times she looks about, well, like her freakishly puppy-like total spaz of a closing-in-on-six-years-old lab brain.  She doesn’t always get up to welcome people at the front door, she doesn’t always follow me to the bathroom, yet somehow, she did manage to leap onto Bill’s side of our bed once.  She jumped up there just to say, “Don’t count me out, I am getting back in this game!”  We laughed and gently picked her sorry butt up and put her back on the floor.  Silly doggie thinking she can jump.

She is enjoying her long walks around the hood – sniffing all the pee spots she missed this summer, catching up with her old friends.  She loves being back in the house, forcing us to drag her beloved cushy bed back and forth between the living room and our bedroom because she cant function without it.  A chair on its side keeps her from going up and down our stairs, so our bonus is an extra leg lift every time we do a load of laundry.  If she has to rebuild muscle mass, so do we.  She is learning to use her four legs all the time, and when she gets excited or wants to move quickly, she simply reverts back to being a tripod…I think she knows what I mean when I tell her to use all four!

She seems to have lost her ability to puke outside – we had her so well trained to get outside or at least onto hard floors until all this surgery recovery erased that training and replaced it with “puke wherever you want.”  Which also leads me to the problem of after not eating human food for so long, it seems her system can’t handle eating it anymore.  So the night I cooked a roast and gave her a very small piece…she regifted it to me.  Thanks for that.

So overall, we are starting to see the new grown up Lucy.  Somehow, she mellowed through this process.  Or maybe the 100% nutso dog will return when the leg is 100% as well.  I hope not, a dog I can walk is so much more fun than a dog who pulls me around the block.

She says, “Thanks for all the concern.”


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