Kids’ Chores

Preface:  JP will read this.  I know he thinks he is overworked and undercompensated, but when his work ethic gets him further as an adult, that is when he will realize:

  • Mom and Dad rock
  • He learned a lot from the chores
  • He is earning the compensation as an adult
  • Mom and Dad were always right

So, this week, I am cracking the whip.  I have been told the kids are complaining.  I don’t care, I go back to work next week and the big shift in priorities happens, so the house doesn’t get as much attention.  We have time now, and I think between the hours and hours of hanging with friends, they can squeeze in a little time for work.

In our home, we have 3 chores.  Each kid works a chore for a month.  We tried a week, it just didn’t work for us – we couldn’t keep it straight.  These names started with the kids were little, thus the catchy titles.  We used to have the Personal Assistant to the Pet as our 4th job, but the girls staged a coup and refused to clean the boys’ bathroom with good reason.  Personal Assistant to the pet was a fun way to say, “you are picking up the dog crap this month.”  That job was dropped and the bathroom became gender specific.

1.  King and Queen of the Throne – one boy and one girl are responsible for their respected bathrooms.  Do I expect them to be spotless?  In my dreams, I do.  But my reality is that I expect that if someone needs to use one, they can sit down without catching a disease, and yes, I do say exactly that to my children.  I am also big on smells.  If I can smell anything other than bleach or Lysol, it is not good enough.  Blue gobs of toothpaste in the sink are a big “no” as are overflowing garbage cans.  In theory, they are to clean the bathroom daily.  

2.  Dishes Dude or Dishes Diva – this person loads and unloads the dishwasher and puts away pots and pans that I wash.  JP also has to wash the pots and pans and wipe down counters.  He doesn’t think this is fair.  Whhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!  Again, I don’t care.  Non-negotiated.  He is taller than me, thus, he has to do it.  The other three would need stilts.  And arm extensions.  Their time will come, I keep telling him that.  He will be off to college for 2 years while they are still enslaved at home.

3.  General of Cleanliness – this kiddo gets to do whatever needs to be done, so it totally depends on my mood and their behavior.  HAHAHA.  It also depends on the kid.  Most chores, I can count on Princess to do in an awesome way and some chores Curly will nail (like organizing my Tupperware) while Crazy Man gets manly jobs like shoveling or watering flowers and refilling bird feeders.  JP mows the lawn.  And he does a better job at it than we have ever done!  Most often, this person cleans up the entryway.  For some reason, we are all genetic shoe flingers.  We don’t put them away.  We all dump stuff in the entryway, so someone has to pick up after us all.  Sometimes this person sweeps the floor or washes mirrors and windows or runs a vacuum.   That kind of job.    General stuff.

We don’t give our kids allowance.  I guess we both buy into the idea that as adults no one hands us money, so why get used to it as a kid?  Around here, you get paid if you work.  Do a good job, get a bonus.  We pay out once a month. 

I hear whining about how other kids just get money handed to them for doing nothing.  Super for them – ask their moms and dads if they will adopt me, because I am all about doing nothing and getting paid for it.  Worse yet,  I do household chores for free.  I am getting robbed.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Monica LaPoint
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 17:40:25

    Way to go! A recent study has shown that housholds that are not a democracy raise kids to be more diciplines and better at making decisions. You are only looking out for their future.


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