Blood Bath

“I need the rubbing alcohol and cotton balls.  PRONTO!”

This was how my relaxing bath was interrupted this time, and I knew it must be an emergency because the girls just barged in.

Seems after months of being boxed up, Lucy decided to give safe harbor to a tick, and my hubby decided to pull it out tonight.  I knew this was happening and wanted nothing to do with it, thus my decision to take a bath at that moment.  I didn’t plan on my bath being short lived nor did I plan on seeing the bloody paper towels and cotton balls all over my living room floor when I walked back out – I was hoping to not know it was done except for hearing the words.

Seems the tick had bedded down well and decided it wasn’t leaving without a fight – it took a good piece of Lucy’s ear with it when Bill pulled it out.

Reason #21 why I love Bill:  He takes care of all the yucky parts of being a dog owner.  Even though he used my eyebrow tweezers and now my eyebrows look like I am wearing one of these:


(For eyebrow waxing tips, click on the picture and follow the linkyfest.)


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