This having kids thing isn’t cheap…

They surely couldn’t be true, the rumors I was hearing on Facebook a couple weeks ago saying school supplies were in the stores just had to have been fabrications.  I was clinging to the hope that summer would mysteriously go on and on forever and that the dreaded school year would just be something way off in the distance. 


Now the upcoming school year is getting close enough to taunt us. The reality that in just 24 days, we will once again sell ourselves out to the institution is starting to set in. Something about turning the calendar to August does that.

I had printed the school supply list off before, but was in denial.  It was thrown into a pile of stuff I would deal with later.  This time was different.  I loaded four kids who really did not want to join my “reality sucks” club at Wal-Mart into my van and we did the unthinkable.  We bought school supplies today.


Buying school supplies is a financial nightmare.  Especially when, for us,  needing 6 of something actually means buying 18, or if they hit the 8th grade list too, 24.

Each of the triplets needs (2) 2” binders.  I spent $27 on binders.  They break, I will have to replace them in January.  $27, I could have gone to the movies once or gotten a cheap pedi, but nope, I bought binders.


18 Glue sticks – well, we bought 24.  Need anything glue-sticked?  I have to hide the extras now before Crazy Man thinks of something to glue.


12 pocket folders – three hole punched, of course, not the 15 cent-ers, but the 97 cent-ers.  Or if I was a nice mom, they could have been the super cool ones that cost even more.  At least none of them had Hannah Montana on them or that stinkin’ Justin Bieber. 

Just like folders, we choose the black composition notebooks – we stick to the el-cheap-o’s because $2.47 for a little pad of paper just because it has pink on the front is not happenin’ around here.


We bought 4 scientific calculators.  It was a requirement for JP, but I was planning ahead for the other 3.  Well, sorta.  The girls will need them next year, and Crazy Man most likely won’t, but guess what, his will be lost or taken apart by then anyway.  I just didn’t want him to feel left out of the cool calculator club.  Remember when we were in college and needed these things – they were like $100, now, a cool $8.87.  Doable.  Curly wanted the pink one, but at $12, I found that ridiculous.    Yep, I was super crabby.  (Could be coming off the sugar high I have been on for the past 10 days.)


My favorite things on list are always the pencils.  First, I love freshly sharpened pencils with in-tact erasers.  The kids I work with like to pick the erasers off, so to see a whole bunch of them lined up looking all perfect really makes my OCD-side happy.  Second, this time of year, they are so cheap.  How do the pencil makers pay the bills when I can buy 20 of the yellow beauties for a buck?  However, this year, all four of my kids decided mechanical was the way to go.  What I predict is that Crazy Man will have disassembled all of his within the first week and he will have a teacher tell him he has to used the old fashioned kind.  (Yes, this is based on previous experiences. Oh the horrors of having an engineerical child in your classroom.)  We bought some of those too, just a little proactive.


The worst things on list are these:  Ultra fine tip water base felt markers.  WHAT?  What in the world for?  As requested, I already sent red pens, black pens, blue pens, wide markers, thin markers, and ultra-fine tipped Sharpie markers.  What kind of deal is the school making with the writing utensil industry?

Crazy Man weighed what would fit in his back pack – 14 pounds.  14 pounds, $230 worth, of stuff that will be lost or broken by the end of the year, so next year at this time I can do it all again.  Yippy. 


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Missi
    Aug 01, 2011 @ 18:44:17

    You got off easy on the calculators. In this school district- you are required to buy a specific brand and type of calculator for junior high and high school- $100 each. Well, at least that is what they were when my boys had to get them…


  2. debpieper
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 09:37:40

    I am pretty sure that day is coming… 😦 The most expensive part of this year of course is all the band equipment and instruments.


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