Define Stress

(noun) * the feeling one gets when she spent 3 hours of her day working on something that will likely get crumpled up and chucked, has 4 girls in her basement for a sleepover and they wont be quiet at 10:38 PM, and is pretty much sick of people who stir up drama.  Combine with: in charge of recovering dog, extended family illness that I am not allowed to talk about publicly, and PMS.    Oh yeah, and a late charge on my library card.

To overcome this day, I decided it was time to grab my new library book and go soak in a nice hot bubble bath.  Ahhhhh, the new bubble bath I got from the kids for my birthday was smelling so nice and the hot water relaxed my muscles and I sunk in.  I opened the book, ready to escape into a different world for a while.  Wrong.  Seems the last person who read the book ripped out the first 52 pages.  Hard to get into the story starting on page 53.  Moron.

I need some chocolate.


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