I’ve got Sonshine on a Cloudy Day

First off, the MC sang this song all the time and ruined it.  But I move on.

Now get this song playing to set the mood:

We went to Sonshine Music Festival this weekend.  Well, we went Wednesday, leaving at 6:30 AM and came back Saturday late night, so I don’t know if that should read “this weekend” or “this past week”.  (You can see how my brain is functioning this morning.) 


I hadn’t been to Sonshine since I turned 21, so some of you are doing the math and coming up with “4 years ago” but really it would have been in 1996, when I turned 21 for real and celebrated our first anniversary all in one week.


We saw Switchfoot.  In fact, Crazy Man got a high five from Jon Foreman because Crazy Man isn’t afraid of being trampled by the crowd and he pushed his way up to the stage.


And we saw Skillet.    I was pretty impressed, actually.  I actually enjoyed the concert.  In. the. rain.  Fire and rain together = good.


Day 3 started with a much anticipated hair purchase.


This hair really came in handy when Bill hoisted Crazy Man up in the crowd of the Toby Mac concert.  Again, Crazy Man got a high five from the Tobster himself!   He will never wash his hands again, although he doesn’t do that all that often without reminders from mom anyway.  Thanks to the Mohawk, I could find him in the crowd – look close, you can see him, and then you can assume Bill is right under him, with aching shoulders. 



Does this seem like it is all about Crazy Man?  Oh yes, other Piepers were there as well. 

JP and his two trusty side kicks were themselves a sideshow.  Ahhhhh, teenagers. 

20110713_200308_0601  20110713_182818_0538

20110716_180439_0876  20110715_143218_0716

JP gave the experience 2 “thumbs” up (with his super-wrinkled, been-walking-in-puddles-for-3-days feet.)


The girls spent the whole time doing whatever they wanted, and checking in periodically. 

20110713_195123_0587  20110716_124609_0846 20110716_214151_0885  20110716_104303_0842

20110713_182840_0539  20110714_200301_0663

Oh yeah, I had friends there too!!  These other kids had to have come from somewhere!

20110713_195329_0590 20110715_142958_0714

Bill and I celebrated our 16th anniversary while there. 


And there was plenty of mud for everyone…

20110715_115725_0696  20110715_201719_0732

…Even for those of us trying to stay clean…


Name these bands:





There was reading ~


There was wrestling ~


There was napping ~


And we had a really good time. And we will go back.


Ugly people put ur hands down!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rachelle
    Jul 21, 2011 @ 08:29:13

    Sounds like a fun time. My nephew went too. Skillet is pretty awesome!


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