Happy Birthday to Me!!


Sweetness from my ladies:



A cute little note of honesty from Crazy Man.  It was an envelope with change in it so he could buy me a pop.  Smile


(Where is my card from JP?  Just like Mother’s Day, he is a no-effort guy.  Dear Future Wife of JP, I will work on this and in case I don’t reach a break-through, I apologize in advance.  I am trying. )

Every mom should wake up to what the kids planned for me.  Breakfast at the Pieper Comedy Club – Curly told jokes at the Mic and each earned a rim shot from Crazy Man.


Every time I was happy, I was to hit my “happy bell” and I was ringing it often as I started my day surrounded by my family going out of their way to bring me a smile.  I have goofball children.


And then, because party always meets reality,  I headed into town so I could get a new driver’s license.   My picture now looks like this:


After the Boy Scout shake down tonight, we plan a run to Dairy Queen.  This is how my dream birthday mashes with my reality birthday.


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