2 weeks post TPLO

Lucy had her 2-week check-up today.  As always, the vet was fantastic.  Knowing that Lucy is 100% spastic lunatic, the vet came outside to our vehicle and watched her walk outside and did the exam right out there in the grass so Lucy didn’t have to step foot in the one place that sends her over the top – the vet’s office.  After all the mean things they have done to her there, you would think she wouldn’t want to go there EVER AGAIN.  We wondered if, when she saw the vet, she would make one of her famous get-aways.  Nope.  She wagged her tail and was all “WHOOOHOOO, someone who will pet me and love me and give me attention.  Me, the poor dog, who has been in a prison cell for 2 weeks, drugged into submission.  Me, the dog who hasn’t been able to scratch my itches and lick my, well, everything.  Me, Me Me, he is petting ME!!  He chose me!!” 

(Famous get-away story.  Lucy loves Pet Smart so much that one day, she bolted out of our vehicle before we could get a leash on her, and sprinted into the store.  They have automatic doors, you know.  Humbling to go on a dog hunt in Pet Smart.)

Today, she was thrilled to hear Dr. B tell us the joint and all it’s hardware feel perfect, as in, the one time I dropped her in the garage, everything stayed put. Ah, that was good to hear. She also was using the leg enough so he was satisfied at this point.  She has finished antibiotics and pain meds.  She was given more of the Sucralfate, which coats her stomach to protect it from ulcers. This med has been awesome because without it, the Rimadyl (which she is still taking) made her puke. The vet also gave us another 2 week supply of Acepromazine. This stuff has been the difference between a crying, panting, driving-everyone-nuts dog, and a silent, sleeping, recovering restfully dog. I asked for a year’s supply. Seriously, I did.  So one more week of the Rimadyl and then we are done with any meds unless we decide circumstances necessitate the sedative.  For example, the 4th of July.  Smile Or the next time we drive to the farm. 

Up until this point, maybe Lucy would toe touch here and there, and mostly, it seemed, when we had a perfect drug cocktail in her system and she couldn’t think things through enough to remember not to use it.  She certainly didn’t like being walked with that blue sling!  After all, a big thick bright blue thing around a girl’s belly does make her look a little chubby.  Who can blame her – she is smart and fashionable.    When she was clear to ditch the cone and sling for longer walks out to potty, she must have decided to go all out and look her best.  She walked on all four legs!!  After two weeks of doing the lab-style bunny hop, she walked herself (still on a leash in case a stud muffin lab walks by and she gets the wild idea to go sniff him down) to the potty fence!  It was like a happy family reunion. 

20110623_193805_0181  I believe here, she was saying, “AHHHHH, fresh back yard air, how I have missed you so much!!”

20110623_193845_0186  This is how her chicken skin leg is looking.  The fur is growing back!  You can barely see where her IV’s were in her front leg anymore.

20110623_193908_0187  This was the “Please don’t ever stop scratching that spot.  That stupid cone has made me so itchy for 2 weeks” pose.


My very first video upload!  I am that happy about this walking thing!!  Before we know it, she will be back on her bed in our room, sawing logs.  (Actually, that won’t be until she gets the ultimate clearance, and her first shot at that is August 8th.) 

So today was successful in many ways!  It has been a very long 2 weeks of recovery, but the worst seems to be behind us.  All this for a dog.  Our dog.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Theresa
    Apr 30, 2014 @ 20:52:16

    Our dog just completed day 13 and literally just started putting weight on her operated leg. We are worried it isn’t more often. Did you dog start gradually or just started one day? Did you do anything to encourage him?


  2. debpieper
    Apr 30, 2014 @ 22:03:45

    It is a long road, isn’t it? We don’t remember encouraging her to walk at all – just all of a sudden she did.


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