Finally getting over the school year

Summer has taken a while to sink in this year.  I think it is because it really hasn’t been summer weather and I haven’t gotten to use my new hot swimsuit this year.  Even my kids have commented that this summer has yet to feel like summer.  I want to smell suntan lotion.  I want a little itch of “oops, I got a smidge bit too much sun.”  I want to spend a day in our boat, snapping pictures of my kids’ crazy wakeboard moves.  I want to need a cold drink instead of a hot chocolate.

Even if it hasn’t felt like summer, the time away from the school year has allowed me to relax and feel like I, at some point, will be able to jump back into the ring.  I think it has been the reading of books all day, the napping, the sleeping in, the walking around in jammies until I feel like showering.  The eating whenever I want, the going to the mall, and most importantly, and the spending of time with MY kids have been wonderful.

Now, when the stress level is lowered, I can look around and count my blessings.

I am blessed to have a rock solid marriage.  We will celebrate 16 years this July.  I have no doubt we will be married way longer than 16 years.  Just this past weekend, I celebrated girls’ weekend and Bill hasn’t even mentioned the amount of money I spent.  He is that good.

I am blessed to have a 13-year-old son who is respectful and kind to others.  He is a very strong leader.    He blazes a trail for the younger three and tries out activities for our family.  We have been trained in the in’s and out’s of middle school at his expense.  And I am thankful he keeps trying stuff out, successful or not, even if it means we have to drive all over Timbuktu when we are really tired.  This month, I am learning to be thankful that he has good friends, even if that means I am driving him here and there daily.

I am thankful for my daughter who serves everyone, including neighbors.  I always have neighbors at my house because of her.  She goes out of her way to make them feel welcome, even when I would rather nap.  She is a server, and is willing to help me whenever I need it.  Princess is a gem.

I am thankful for Curly because she makes me laugh.  And her stories give me a ton of ammo for later in life.  Sure, she has her issues and that is why she is so funny.  Around here, she is safe, thus she is really really funny.  Or mad.  And her mad is also funny with the ability to step back and watch.  I love her.

And yes, I am thankful for Crazy Man because he loves birds (and for other reasons.)


20110616_144901_0138  He makes bird feeders.  He hangs oranges to attract Orioles, and he made a new house for his new friends too!


Other times of year under more stress, these things wouldn’t be all blessings to me.  I love summer when I can appreciate my family.  I wish I could bottle this relaxed state for next year when the schedule we run is driving me to insanity. 


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