A new career option

Our local paper ran a story yesterday about The Secret Life of Area Strippers. Of course I read it, I read most of the newspaper everyday.  It is how I stay on top of the locals.  We are a crazy bunch up here.  Anyway, the article has just gnawed at me since reading it.  Mostly this quote: 

C.C. now works exclusively at home, where she charges $100 for a half-hour dance. She says she can “easily” make $500 a day. The money allows her to enroll her children in private school and to buy her family what it needs.

“I get upset when people judge us,” she says. “Obviously, I’m doing this so my kids can have a better life.”

People, this is why my kids don’t attend private school.   My kids get a great education in the public system here and people are messed up regardless of where they hide it.  Dave Ramsey once ranted about this topic and what stuck in my mind was that he pulled his kids from public school and put them in private and then was devastated to find out the devil was there as well.  As he said, “seems the devil, since he works through people, is wherever people are.” 

Here is another great quote (bolding mine):

(Referring to a different stripper) She hasn’t saved enough money to buy a car or a house. She has talked of pursuing her GED for years, but hasn’t gotten around to it…Yet Morgan insists she has worked on her self worth and “grown stronger” through the years.  “I feel people underestimate me just because I’m a dancer. That doesn’t mean I’m a prostitute. It doesn’t mean I sell myself to a client,” she says. “I’m comfortable with myself.”  Well, to a point. Morgan says she will be ready to retire after she’s saved enough money for Lasik surgery and breast implants. “I think that will boost my confidence just a little bit,” she says, with a hopeful smile.

So first, she needs to save for a car, and a house and then Lasik and then breast implants.  She is going to be stripping long past her prime to accomplish this list.    If I had to guess, she might just skip the car and house and go straight for the Lasik and boob job.

I mean, I don’t have either of those things, so after I strip to put my kids at private school, maybe I can get the eyes seeing 20/20 and then girls all perky again.  

I see a great future here.  I am going boot shopping.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Danielle
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 11:14:25

    I read that too and my opinion on the Forum running that will be kept to myself. My one concern was the ‘dancer’ who does this out of her home with her children’s pictures up on the wall. You cannot tell me in some way she is putting herself, her family and especially her children at risk. ALL of these men not only know where she lives but what her kids look like. If the Forum was looking to change my opinion of ‘dancers’ – they didn’t. They just reinforced it.


  2. debpieper
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 12:02:09

    Yeah, doing that in my own home where I invite kids in to hang out – yuck. Obviously, doing that period – yuck. How about summer months, does she just send them to their rooms for a couple hours because she needs to “work”?


  3. Danielle
    Jun 21, 2011 @ 17:59:23

    I never even thought of that! Maybe they go in the backyard for mommy’s ‘exercise’ times. Ew!!!


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