My best pregnant move

When I was pregnant with our litter, yeah, I said it, I had huge food cravings.  There is a shocker.  I had huge everything.  No, still not willing to post a picture.  One, I looked like crap.  And two, this is the era of oversharing, and I don’t want weinergate II.

When I was pregnant with JP, I craved oranges in the bulk.  Triple that craving.  I ate so many oranges, I am surprised Bill didn’t have to peel me.


When I hit the very strict bed rest portion of my pregnancy, people around me had to think ahead and cater to my cravings.  This was not simple order.  I had tables surrounding my bed, as well as a dorm fridge holding all my cooled goods.

I had 3 or 4 32 oz. jugs of water at arm’s reach at all times.  I was like a camel, filling my dromedarial hump. (I made that word up.)  I couldn’t get enough H2O.  That is why I hate it so much now, I think.  Water takes me back to those days when getting up to pee was exciting stuff.  When I was really rebellious, I stopped at the window and looked out for a couple minutes.  Oh yes, those were the most joyous of all days.

In my little fridge of happiness, I once had a big jug of grape juice.  Someone has lovingly made it up for me to enjoy.  I don’t drink grape juice when not pregnant.  I was not so smooth and coordinated with that huge bulge of baby in my way, so when I attempted to put the juice back in the fridge, yep, I dropped it.  And almost the whole container full dumped ALL OVER THE CARPETED FLOOR.    It spilled right where the foot of our bed rested so it soaked into the carpet in a huge way.  A big red splotch of nastiness.   If I remember correctly, my mother-in-law got the job.  She is a saint!  I was so sad that I couldn’t help clean up that nightmare as I sat on my bed – like the Princess and the Pea.


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