Mr. Weiner, what were you thinking?

Raunchy self-portraits?  Sexting?  Aren’t you married?  Aren’t you over the part of your life when you think you are all that?  Aren’t you into the part of life that you flippin’ know better – when the hormones have no longer taken over your brain?  At your age, you have self-control, right?  Therapy?  For what?  You can’t fix stupid.  It is just time for you to knock the little kid stuff off – be a grown-up with higher standards for yourself and your own behavior.

The only one who should be seeing your Mr. Weiner is your wife – and a doctor here or there as necessary.  What?  Lots of married people are showing things they shouldn’t?  I know and I am just as disgusted with them too.  Unmarried people are no different.  Standards of behavior, people.  Step up a little.  Famous or not, jeez, people, keep it in your pants, and keep your camera far, far away from your parts.  And if you can’t control your need to take photos of your junk and text them all over, then you still need a mommy to put a block on your phone plan.  GROW UP!

There is stupid and then there is weiner stupid.  Too bad it is not a rarity anymore.  Lack of class – that is the problem.



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