Another Hurdle Accomplished

Lucy’s baby stepping through recovery has cleared another hurdle.  Dog lovers will understand.  People who have gone through major surgery will understand.  The pooping after surgery has been done.  YES!  Who knew we would be so thrilled.

Getting her to go potty is no minor undertaking.  She has the big cone of shame on and that has to be removed before she can get out of her kennel.  She is very patient through that process. 


Because, even after receiving her mechanical knee,  she pulls like Rudolf, we also have taken to putting her prong collar on to slow her down as much as we can.  I can just read her Labradorable brain:  “Whoa, so much to sniff out here, let’s see if we can make this last a little longer.  Over here, human, come over here.  And now over here.  Oh wait, over here.”   We also have to get that sling under her belly in case she slips while walking.  It also is a great tool in the fight to keep her from rolling around in the grass, which is something she really wants to do. 


Problem is, she is so well trained to poop WAY away from the house, generally in the back yard against a fence, that she just doesn’t want to do the deed in the front yard where everyone will see her.  Who can blame her?  So much for a quick 5 foot walk to grass.  She also will not go potty with the sling on, so it is just to help her get there and back.


She also has the great pooling of blood around her “ankle”.  It is to be expected and if she would let her ice it, we could maybe help her out a little, but she is not so much into that.  She often lays on the surgery side for some reason so it is out of reach.  Smile  Smarty pants.  For some reason, she doesn’t trust us to get all that close to that leg.  No, we can’t even get a good picture of it. 

The next hurdle is using that leg a little bit.  She has started toe touching once in a while, sorta.  If I research that part of recovery, it seems like some dogs are using it within a day or two and some take longer.  Of course Lucy would be in the camp that takes longer.  But her tear was complete and her angle was severe so maybe those things are factors.  Who knows – I wish I could ask her why she isn’t trying out her new expensive hardware.  WOOF!


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