And life goes on…

Some day my dog will love me again.  She will sleep in her big awesome new bed next to our bed and snore and chase bunnies in her sleep, all four feet going like crazy.  For now, she is still holed up in the garage – there is a benefit of this cooler weather we are having.  She did “let me” get pictures later in the day, only because I got the Holy Mama zoom lens out so she didn’t actually know.  We have no staples to be removed!  I just learned that today when I saw the incision for the first time.  However, as you can see in the last picture, she is pretty swollen and thus a wee bit uncomfortable.

20110612_104910_0108  20110612_105054_0114  20110612_104945_0112

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the natives have been busy.


Curly has taken couponing as her summer project.  She loves to file things away and make lists, so I am going to teach her how to find good deals.  She biked over to the gas station and bought her very first Sunday paper and then sat and read the comics.


Crazy Man has been busy crafting hockey man out of wire and aluminum foil.  This is in his free time, you know, when he is not out skating or biking all over town.  He and Bill have been Crazy Biking Boys.  He actually asked me tonight if he could drink a Mt. Dew.  Didn’t just drink it, he asked!!  WHOOHOO.  And I replied, “What are you, nuts?”


Yesterday, I picked JP up from NYLT camp.  He spent a week out in the middle of exactly where you picture buffalo to live – Nowhere, ND.  He learned how to stink and not shower.  And also how to chop wood ticks in half with a big knife.  He ate raw potatoes for dinner.  Mostly, it sounds like a week of torture.


Princess had her most favorite meal of all times.  Amish Chicken Noodle Soup.  It is basically chicken broth with little chunks of chicken and a whole bunch of noodles we bought at the Amish auction.  The girl loves that stuff.  Even though I put too much pepper in it.  Making their soup, cancelling cable -we are getting closer to being Amish ourselves.  We call ourselves Piepish.  It is a perfect mix of the two.

I am having a really hard time making food.  It isn’t that I cant, or that I don’t have groceries, it is that I don’t care.  So, I guess the kids are getting sick of PB&J and no longer ask, “Is this a just-fend-for-yourself kind of lunch again today” and they just get themselves something.  Survival of the fittest.   Starting tomorrow, I have suppers planned, but maybe not lunches.  That is just too much for me at this point.


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