Our dog loves us, but she aint happy

Lucy came home today.  We toyed with the idea of letting her stay at the Hilton for a couple more days to recover, but in the end, I guess we just needed her home with us.  Call us what you want, but right now at this very moment, I am calling us a little stupid.

Medical update:  We went into a room with the vet tech who showed us the four meds she has to take for the next few weeks.  She explained how to give them all to her.  I asked which ones were for me and she actually said “none!!”  Can you believe it?  I was standing there ready to puke, literally, and she has no meds for me.  Lucy is 24 hours past the pulling of the IV for pain meds.  And I was only about 1 minute from turning around and leaving.  We also got the 8 pages of info on how to rehab her.  All the rules, all the guidelines.  All the “What have we done?”



The vet tech said she was such a good doggie for them, and seemed rather surprised at our request for sedatives to get her back to the vets for follow up and doggie sitting during recovery without her spazzing and causing herself injury.  She recommended Benadryl.  Then she walked Lucy into see us and Lucy went NUTS!  I was on the floor petting and scratching and trying to calm while Bill held her leash and sling and Lucy would NOT settle down.  The shakes, the getting as close to us as she could, the crying.  And then the vet tech said, “Let me go ask the doctor about that sedative.”  Smile  We don’t make this stuff up, people.  She is nuts.  She is a 5-year-old with a 6-month-old brain.  So we came up with a plan for the next time we have to drop her off there, and it might involve Lucy receiving a little shot of mellow while still in our vehicle so that she can make the transition without negating all her progress.

We decided, after getting her in the Denali, that I would drive and Bill would sit in the back seat keeping Lucy calm.  HAHAHA.  Lucy decided that Bill would be sitting in the back back with her and she would be half on top of him and he would be petting her and assuring her that it was all going to be ok, and then and only then would she lay down.  So this is how they rode…


…and this is how we got her into the house:





So then we decided this getting her up and down the back step would be a total pain in the butt, or leg, or maybe everything and we moved her kennel.  She now resides in the garage since the temps are supposed to be very comfortable for the next few days and that eliminates the need for me to get her up and down the steps.   Her peeing and pooping area now is a short flat 6 foot walk for her.   What that also did was eliminate the awesomeness of being close to her family, so this might be short term until she is a little more with it and I am more comfortable with her care.

We were told to expect a lot of swelling in the next couple days.  Really?  I don’t want to see that.  I want to blink and have this next 6 week period behind us.  Well, only the dog part of it.  I will hang onto summer as long as I can and squeeze every minute of fun out of it that I can.

We are off to buy a baby monitor so we can hear her in the night if we need to.  Yes, it has come to that.

PS.  C Collars suck.


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