Whoa, my gardens look great

The day JP went to kindergarten, I gardened the morning away.  I spent 5 hours in my gardens today.  A garden is my happy place, my therapy, a way to not think about what was happening to my dog today.  Now I am wondering if I can get one of her pain meds – oh my aching back.

I called the vet this afternoon around 3 PM because we hadn’t heard from them and we were worried about our baby girl.  I had a great chat with the vet who performed the surgery.  The worst news was that her joint angle had been 34% and he was able to improve it 21%.  I guess the word he used concerning that angle measurement was “severe.”  That is not a word I want to hear.  He said she was on IV pain meds at that time and was doing ok.   The surgery had gone well.  We are set to pick her up tomorrow around 3 PM but we are very worried about getting her home and then back to the vet next weekend without the use of sedatives, so we will be asking for some of those.  Maybe for me, maybe for her.  Time will tell. 

So, today, I let my mind think about anything other than her.

Did you know that a sign of how far behind in life I am is what I noted on my drying rack in the laundry room?  Right there next to the swimsuits is a pair of snow pants. 

If I move my outdoor exercise shoes to my gardening shoes, and then move my indoor exercise shoes to my outdoor exercise shoe slot, that leaves me with the inability to exercise indoors.  Oh darn.

JP is at NYLT camp.  The weather man just said it was raining and 47 there.  Great for camping, I think.  I hope he is having fun.

I haven’t had a pop today.  I have to quit again.  My stomach can’t handle Coke.  My endocrinologist  told me I lost 16 lbs. between the last time I was in there and this time.  Never mind that it was 3 years ago.   Knowing that the work actually does show is the encouragement I needed to get back on the bandwagon AGAIN.  I miss my sugar!

My body has already shifted to its natural time table.  Go to bed at midnight, get up at 9 AM.  Ah, yes. 


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