Going home

This weekend, our little ring bearer graduated from high school.   Does that make me feel old?  Nope. I say “little ring bearer” because his big brother was our bigger ring bearer and he already graduated from college.  It is all perspective.  If I hang out with mostly people older than I am, I always feel young.  35 is nothing when I have lots o’ friends in their 40’s.  Oh man, the ADD brain is going great guns tonight.  What was I originally talking about?


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Oh yeah, going home.  My brothers’ families live near where I did most of my growing up.  The road to their hometown is a road I have travelled countless numbers of times.  So when I was barely going to make it to the graduation ceremony on time, it was with great ease that I flew down the highway, creating a very angry husband who doesn’t find anything worth getting a ticket for – yes, that was the main concern – not crashing or anything like that cuz I can have skill  – just the insurance cost of getting a ticket.  Then I reminded him that I have never gotten a ticket, but boy was I having fun driving like that.  (He wasn’t humored by the thrill I was experiencing.)  Think what I could have done with a V8 as a teenager.  Note to self:  kids will be driving Geo Metros.  Anyways, that is what Bill gets for needing me to drive so he could play with his new Trophy phone work on the way.

I have blogged about my 4 awesome brothers and their wives before.  I love them.  A ton.  Spending time with them is therapy for my soul.  I laugh, I relax, I enjoy their company.  What is better than to see 20 “kids” playing whiffle ball and to realize they are all my family?  From cute little C who at age 4 was our littlest batter to Brother Mark, who plays like he is 20 still even though he is 40+ much older.  All my brothers and their kids playing ball with my kids.  So guess what?  Today, I played whiffle ball with them all.  Yes, it was just what I needed.  Sure, there was graduation party stuff that needed attention, but dang it, I wanted to see if I could still bat.  I need more practice.  Tomorrow, we are buying whiffle ball stuff.   We had to get rid of our first set after Crazy Man went all nutso with the bats.  But that was long ago.  Before he discovered rope, power tools, and carabineers. 

Anyways, I just had so much fun being with my family and I hate that the visits are so few and far between now.  I love these people.  And I feel like I am home no matter where we are when I am with them.


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