What to do with all my free time?

So summer is officially here.  I don’t care what the official-official date listed on some geothermal sun-based calendar thing says when summer begins.  (June 21st most years, but next year it will be June 20th of some reason.)  We all know it begins the day school ends.  Because really, it says spring starts long before our snow melts and winter starts long after the snow it piled up here, so I don’t believe it nor do I trust it.  Summer begins tomorrow.  To celebrate, I officially shut my alarm off for the next three months.

Before any of you get all jealous, I have two major counter points to those feelings.

1.  My W-2’s state many things, the most obvious is that I don’t get paid jack.  Sure, it is more than I could earn at McDonalds (I think, as I have never actually looked into it) but it would not pay the house payment, not even on my neighbor’s playhouse.  So yes, I get summers off, but I depend highly on my hubster’s job which actually pays enough to buy groceries.  If it was up to my income, this is what my pockets would look like.


2.  I put in 8 years of sweat and tears (and yes, there were many tears) being a stay at home mom of 4.  At one point, I had 4 in diapers.  At one point, I couldn’t go anywhere without a triple stroller that had to be disassembled to get into my van.  At one point, loading the kids in the van and driving around was considered down time.  At one point, I had to pee with an audience.  For about a year, Bill and I lived off of Cheerios, because we couldn’t afford time to eat anything else.   I potty trained 3 kids at once – do you know that every time I dumped poop out of a potty chair I heaved?  So sure, I think I have earned the right to enjoy fun time home with my kids now.  For every day I now spend reading a book on the patio while the kids are off doing who knows what, I spent a couple months wishing I had an adult other than Oprah to talk to. 

Sure they look cute, but do you know how many takes it took to get this picture?


So, this summer, I have a couple major plans besides to plan to relax a little and recharge for next year.

First of all, I am going to give my kitchen organization an overhaul.  When I threw all our kitchen stuff into cupboards, I had a 4-yr-old and 3 2-yr-olds.  What that means is the majority of our stuff was plastic and the most important collection was our sippy cup lids.  Now, I am all chef-i-ness and I need a home for all my kitchen stuff.  We have a great bank of cupboards that I have given up for Bill’s collection of crap and the kids’ crafting supplies.  I am done being all generous like that.  I am taking them back.  My tools need a home.  Bill has an office and the kids have their own space to trash.  I am staking claim once again.



Wont my stuff look good in there? 

My second goal is also kitchen related.  I am going to organize my recipes.  Right now, they look like this:




Not for long!!  Smile

My third goal for the summer is to go through all the pictures on our computer and weed out unnecessary ones.  This will take hours upon hours, but while I am at it, I will label and maybe even copy into folders for certain topics.  Never too early to think graduation pictures, right?  Anywho, our server is full, so I need to get rid of all those pictures of food I made or the ones that I look super fat in, or the ones before I had my teeth fixed.  Empty trash can?  Oh yes, I will.

The answer to the above picture question:


I could start by clearing out some of these photos.  Nah, they are too cute!!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Missi
    Jun 03, 2011 @ 08:04:21

    I started the year with a list of “projects” that I wanted to accomplish. They are all crossed off except one- and that is “organize the recipes”! So… let me know how you plan to do that… maybe I can copy your method!


    • debpieper
      Jun 03, 2011 @ 08:23:27

      I am starting with three ring binder and different paper protectors. Some with pockets, some without. I dont want it to be huge, so I am on the hunt for a shorter version, maybe like a photo-album? I will keep you posted.


  2. Missi
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 08:23:31

    I found some recipe books like you are describing at Red Willow this week-end. If interested, I will go back and check them out some more and maybe take some pictures for you to see if it is what you are looking for. Maybe we could have recipe organizing day this summer! 🙂


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