Another weekend, another road trip

Memorial Weekend – the unofficial kick-off of summer.  We usually spend it either camping or at our favorite resort, Brookside, with my side of the family.  With our current circumstances, we decided to **hope you are sitting down** head to the farm again instead.  But why throw away the camping aspect?  After all, we have a new camper to break in.  We were wussy campers, however, and set up inside the machine shed so we would stay dry with the nasty weather being forecasted.  When given the option for a dry camping spot vs. the other option, well, hello!!!


We really enjoyed our camper…even though we didn’t have to get all our stuff out, it was much more roomy and better for our family.




As you can see, even Lucy has more space to chill in this camper.  She really wanted to jump up on a bed, but she is on jumping, running, and pretty much anything that makes her a lab restrictions.

We spent the weekend with a whole slew of family.  We did a lot of wild and crazy things together, the most craziest being a chance meeting between a four-wheeler carrying an 11-year-old-boy and a tree resulting in a little surgery to set a very broken arm.  Nope, it wasn’t Crazy Man, it was one of his cousins.  Life lesson learned for the Pieper children.  Helmets?  Heck yeses!  Anyways, this guy is pretty sure the cast will help him pick up the babes.  Pain meds + kid = awesome conversations.


Snapshots of the rest of the stuff that just can’t outrank Surgery Boy:


German heritage means lots of wieners were involved.  We boiled them, grilled them, and roasted them.   Yes, many were washed down with beer.  But not mine.  Yuck. 


Curly loves s’mores.  The first ones of the season are always the best.


A great shot of Cocoa.  I dropped my camera lens cover to get this photo, but don’t worry, she found it.


Curly finally took her turn on the horse.  She would much rather ride a little pony.  Strange for a girl who loves Roller Coasters more than pretty much anything?!?!?


And some of the family shot stuff.  Ok, just targets and clay pigeons.  But the gun itself was impressive.  Kicked like a mule, bit like an alligator.  So they said.

Another awesome aspect of visiting the farm so often is getting to watch the gardens and farm fields grow.  Every weekend, something new is blooming. 






And then on the way home from this exciting weekend, we stopped to shop at Albertville (along with a bazillion people) and I found all the shirts and tank-tops I have been needing.  Even more success. 

We are home for 3 more days of school parties education and a major vet appointment.  It will be an interesting week.


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