Friday, drive to farm; Sunday, drive home; Repeat

This weekend was another weekend at the farm.  It was another chance to celebrate family.  We kinda have a thing for the Amish people, so when an Amish Auction happened to be on the calendar of fun things to do with Papa and Gram, we were on it like bad weather on a camping weekend.  Obvious to us after we got there, so were a couple thousand of our closest friends.

Traffic was bumper to bumper and the parking lots were jammed.


Of course,  my heart was palpitating because of the over 1,000 hanging baskets going up for auction.  I only bought 2 because I had to get them home.


Others were there for the quilts or furniture.  Some quilts went for over $1,000.  We couldn’t partake because Lucy sleeps on our bed; thus we have a much cheaper version.  I would have loved to snatch up some of the furniture, but I have a house payment to make.


The food was amazing.  Somehow without electricity, the Amish served pancakes, scrambled eggs, ham, sausage and donuts for breakfast.  Lunch had so many choices – the favorite of many was chicken legs served with no silverware, making barbarians out of all who enjoyed.  We visited the homemade ice cream line a couple of times.  Yep, they made ice cream for us all.

I have two favorite moments from the action.  First, not too long after we got there, we lost Crazy Man.  I was told he would be fine and safe, so I tried to pretend that not knowing where he was didn’t bother me.  When Curly was bored after watching a couple hundred hanging baskets be sold, she and Princess went on a mission to find their brother.  Much (not) to our surprise, he was located on a Pony Cart with his new Amish buddy, Levi.  They were out working the horses and he was covered with mud.  He was in his happy place.

The second greatness of the day was JP and his new friend, Raymond.  Raymond was an Amish man about to hit the magic age of 21, which is a big turning point in the Amish culture.  They exchanged all kinds of information about what it is like to be Amish versus “Englishmen” as they refer to us.  Raymond was very interested in cell phones.  JP asked him all our burning questions like “If you need one, would you use an ambulance?”  and “When are you getting married?”  You know, all the important stuff.

On the way home, we got to drive through the home of SPAM.  Yes, Spam, people.

Spam, which kept past generations alive, is a beautiful meat product which I can honestly say I have never eaten to my knowledge.  Look at all those semi trailers ready to haul Spam all over America, making people of all races happy.  Or something.


Spam is legendary.  It has its own museum.  Of course it isn’t like the bacon museum or the T-bone museum, you know the typical meat museum.


And because someone somewhere actually knows what is in SPAM, Hormel decided to invest in a medical institute.  I think it is where people who have eaten SPAM in quantity are studied for damage.


               As always, the farm is full of new life.  After all, someone needs to feed America.







The bad of coming home is that we came home with a tri-pod dog.  Lucy decided to give her leg the final push it needed to go useless.  What the means, we will find out this week as we visit the vet to learn our options.  We are prepared with the knowledge that this will put our “how much would you spend on a dog” theory to the test.

The good of coming home was the hauling home of our Amish furniture.  Merry Christmas!!



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  1. Larisa
    May 22, 2011 @ 19:51:00

    Thanks for the insight into the Amish. Too funny about where Crazy Man ended up, no big surprise there after seeing him in his element last weekend. 🙂
    Love your Amish furniture, looks like it was well worth the wait!


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