And that’s a wrap…

“A brownie that makes you want milk is the best kind because that is what makes a brownie healthy – the big glass of milk.”  I love how Curly thinks.  Tonight, I appeased her need for her mom’s approval and lowered my standards to eating brownies.  I did it for her.  And yes, I washed it down with milk.  Healthy.  This yummy dessert was preceded by a new dinner recipe.

I must just really not be a ginger girl.  Will I learn to love it?  Time will tell.  I didn’t like my friend’s dog, Ginger, growing up and I don’t seem to be a fan today.

Tonight was Asian Lettuce Wraps night.   It was an experiment that was doomed from the start when put up against PF Changs’ Lettuce Wraps…oh my, I tingle just thinking of them.  But the health-0-meter likes this version so much more.

Food prep brought some new and exciting events to the kitchen today.  I shredded fresh ginger.  This was the second time I have used it and both times I was overwhelmed by the flavor.  Not in such a good way.  Did I shred them too large?  I donno – anyone???


I also got to use my new Pampered Chef manual food processor.   It did the job of water chestnut mincing.  I am bummed to tell you it was made in China.  Something that is made in China should be $10, not $60;  that is the benefit of outsourcing right?  To keep prices down for consumers?  As in me?


Curly was helping and she juiced her first lemon and then learned what zesting is.  This recipe certainly is full of prep work.  It went more smoothly than earlier this week when I shredded carrots and my finger nail.


When I got to the part when I dumped all the stuff in the pan, this is what it looked like and I was certainly worried.   We made a slight error here and dumped in all the juice from the lemon as the recipe calls for 1 lemon juiced.  But oops, when I looked closer, it mentioned only needing 2 –3 TBSP of the juice.  Oh well, next time, I will measure.


After it cooked down a little bit (I am sure there is a culinary term for cooking down) I was more hopeful.

The dipping sauce called for more ginger so I grated more and then decided in the end that I enjoy a sweeter sauce so maybe next time, I can load it up with sugar?  I was on ginger overload.


The verdict:  Bill 8/10; JP 9.5/10, Princess liked it enough to eat more than 1, Crazy Man ate it on the fly so no vote from him, and Curly, well, she “doesn’t eat gross things like lettuce.”  Smile

Earlier this week, I made Asian Chicken (and freshly grated fingernail) Wraps.  They were pretty good too!  Bill grimaced when I showed him what was for dinner, but he said it wasn’t as bad as he expected it to be.  I figured the extra fingernail would just add some fiber.


Anyway, we are down to 9 days of school left, which is about 8.5 too many for all of us kids and adults.  I can’t wait to shut my alarm off for 3 months and celebrate the sunrise with closed eyes and sweet dreams.

Today on the playground, a student found a scissors.  I decided that the best thing to do with them would be to give a lot of the kids summer haircuts.  I trimmed up the back, added layers and bangs for those who wanted them, and even got some boys involved.  Kids have such great imagination.  They let me pretend to be a beauty shop girl for 20 minutes until we had to be the bad guys and blow the whistle to line up.  Tomorrow, I am bringing my buzzer so I can get the boys necks all trimmed.  Some girls asked for brow waxing too.

What else is new around here?  My hemoglobin is low – just found out.  Guess that means I need more iron.  Speaking of which, I had to move our iron and ironing board into our bedroom because Bill and the kids’ version of dumping laundry is perma-wrinkling all my spring stuff.  For the first time in my marriage, I am ironing on a regular basis.  It is one of those valleys every marriage goes through.

And that is what is going on in the Pieper home today…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julia Jaeger
    May 19, 2011 @ 23:18:18

    I think the ginger is a little large. I use a microplane grater for that and garlic to get it almost more pureed. Looks good! Thanks for the healthy food inspiration!


  2. debpieper
    May 22, 2011 @ 20:26:47

    Ok, I only have one of those cheap graters…it has the micro side but then I cant get my hand up there to get the ginger…guess I need to invest into a good one. Darn, more good kitchen stuff I need. 🙂


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