Nick Jr. was just for me

There are product advertisements that make me just flinch when I see them.  Victoria’s Porn TV ads may make men around the world happy, but me as a mother, I just want to throw something at the TV.  My boys don’t need that shoved in their faces at this age, and my girls surely don’t either.  Their slogan at the moment is Make it a Bombshell Summer!  Super. 

Bombshell Crush: Dresses

I gotta get me one – ASAP. Then I will have hourglass curves all summer long. News flash: no dress is going to accomplish that.  I am more like a rhombus – you know, like a square that has been run over by a semi?  I don’t see that option on the chart – no wonder it is so hard to find clothes that work for me.

I also don’t enjoy male erectile dysfunction ads popping up while my family enjoys America’s Funniest Home Videos or whatever show we can all sit down and watch together now that we don’t have cable.  (Trust me, not a whole lot out there on the main channels is worthy of our time.)  These ads are just not a conversation starter I need for chat topics with my children. 

“Yeah, Crazy Man, let’s talk about what happens when men want to but can’t…”  I just don’t think so. 

“Yes, son, people do that in bathtubs in the middle of a field.”  Nah, I have never seen a bathtub in the corn at the farm, but if I do, I will know not to go look.

These days, I notice the period commercials a lot more too.  Could be the age of my kids, could be that without the DVR, I am forced to listen to and/or watch these things.  But, who knew you could now design your own products?

I am just baffled by the mantra of Always products: Have a Happy Period.  Is there such a thing?  Sure, when someone is hoping they aren’t pregnant, I suppose they are happy to get their period – so in that case, the mantra is more like “Happy to get my period, now I wish it would go away.”  The actual having of it isn’t anything to be happy about. 


Want to make it even worse?

Was doing a little internet surfing today and stumbled across this news article

“A boss in Norway has ordered all female staff to wear red bracelets during their periods – to explain why they are using the toilet more often.” 

Do the smokers wear black bracelets to signify why they go out for smoke breaks?  If you need to do the full duty at work, do you slap on a brown bracelet?

Red bracelets?  I couldn’t do that – it wouldn’t match my new cheetah print Victoria’s Secret Push Up Bra Top dress.

I miss the days of Nick Jr. when the commercials were just about other Nick Jr. shows.  Nick Jr was just for me.


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