“If you’ve got fat, don’t worry about that…

…just spray your fat away.”   – Commercial that I just know will be the answer to my lumpy thighs.  Count me in.  I just had to share so next time you see me, you will know my secret.  Anyways, maybe I have been spoiled by the DVR but commercials…AUGH!!  Horrible!  Watching commercials is the biggest draw back of live TV.

So over a week ago, Bill and I finally made the decision to dump cable TV.  This has brought many evenings of special times spent together.  For example, tonight.  I am watching the local news and surfing the web and Bill, well, he is sitting about 8 feet from me doing this:


He is watching some movie with his noise cancelling earphones on.  I can’t even shoot him a comment here and there.  Yes, all this interactive family time is sure bringing us closer. 

Gas prices are even worse than commercials.  Especially when you drive a monster.  (We love our monster.)  I found a gas station that has the right price, I just might fill all our containers:


Yes, I took that picture while driving.  But I don’t text and drive, so I am all good.

Sunday, yes, May Day, we woke up to snow…that made 8 continuous months with snow although this is hardly snow…it melted.  And it rained today.


My girls were thinking that we should go rob our back neighbor.  They have a pot of gold.


And that is a quick wrap of our week thus far.  At least the blog-able parts of life.

I have to talk to Bill now, he has decided to join the land of the living again. 


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