Back on the Healthy Wagon

After a week of eating junk, gaining a couple pounds, and feeling like crap, I spent some time looking at recipe websites again this weekend.  What better to do when my head is about to explode from sinus pressure?  I also took a nap, that is a great thing to do as well.  And, I didn’t do much else at all.  I guess I did figure out my Pampered Chef party stuff today and I am getting a few new kitchen tools to enjoy:


These are just a couple things I am getting.  The first chopper dealie will help me with all my chopping.  The second thing will lift all my pizzas with ease – it is huge – I guess that is why it is called the mega lifter!  The bowl will go in my camper – it is a collapsible bowl!!  If I love it, I can get 2 other sizes next time someone has a party!! 

Ok, so for this week’s menu plan, I started labeling each day of the week.  Meatless Monday, Crock Pot Tuesday, Family Fun Wednesday, Super Clean Thursday, and Something New Friday.  It helps me in figuring out what kind of recipes to look for. My goal is to hit 8 food plans and then perfect each one so I can rotate for 2 months and then repeat.  Smile  Dinners next school year should be easy a McDonalds drive through without the gut rot.

Meatless Monday – Vegetarian Fajitas

Crock Pot Tuesday – Salsa chicken and black bean soup

Family Fun Wednesday – Grilled PizzaDough  Sauce

Super Clean Thursday – Turkey and bean tacos

Something New Friday – Chicken Pasta

Have a great week – take care of your body!!


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  1. Changing Lifestyles
    May 01, 2011 @ 19:54:00

    Excellent post today! I really enjoyed it. I enjoy making great food for my family and friends when they come over for entertainment. Food can also be entertaining in itself. Thanks again for sharing this.

    A Delicious Coffee Roll Recipe


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