Where the middle of nowhere is somewhere

I stayed up late Thursday night baking muffins and doing laundry so the trio could have everything they asked for to ensure a happy and memorable 5th grade class trip to Bismarck.  Daddio was a chaperone, so I lovingly packed up four bagged lunches containing custom sandwiches for each.  Calling it a very late night, I was excited for them to all go west, and knew how much I would enjoy my quiet evening at home.

My cell phone rang at 4 AM.  Who calls anyone at 4 AM unless something really important is happening?

“Mr. R. is sick and I need another staff member to go on the trip.”  And like that, my day changed.  Scrambling into the shower, I was shocked my body was responding after only a couple hours of sleep.  I popped a Bonine pill.  Somehow, we were all at the school when told to be and before I could figure out who was picking JP up from track practice or who was going to let Lucy out and feed her, we were on the road.  2 staff members on the bus with 52 5th graders, followed by our Yukon carrying the 8 parent chaperones.  (Bus was too full, lucky ducks!!)  Remembering back to our 5th and 5th grade class trips when we road for hours on a school bus…this was our ride:


Off we headed to the great capital of North Dakota.  3 hours out, 3 hours back, and some driving in between destinations.  Read, “Holy Crap, I must exercise a lot of self-control during those 7-ish hours because I only got a couple hours of sleep, and it is LOUD and I am surrounded by 11-year-old brains, and I am still suffering through the stuffed head portion of my 4-week-cold.”

Take a picture tour with me and see our day through the lens (I don’t want to post pictures of anyone else’s kids, so this is very incomplete):


What kind of wood is that and where is it from?  (Inside joke here)


Crazy Man and his teacher messing around:




This pictures is captioned “There’s something about Lisa.”  (it was slightly breezy)  We were already going insane at lunchtime.


This next one, my computer did this stretching and I thought it was funny…so I left it



We tried for a 5/6 family photo, but 3/5 of us spilt and wouldn’t do it. This is all that was left for the family photo.

Then we headed to Fort Abraham Lincoln where I met real life Holly Hobby.  I also pooped wait, that was supposed to say popped 4 Advil at this point.



We played a little game of “pretend it is 1875”


In 1875, Holly Hobby loved Pepsi.


And Bill loved Mt. Dew.  Not much has changed. (I also chugged down a little sleep in a bottle – I had hit the wall.)


“Ehh, What’s up Doc?”


This guy had a cold too and his nose felt like mine does.  A nose in need deserves Puffs indeed.


I really got the hankerin’ for a donut.


I was so poor, I didn’t have a pot to …


And then we went into a Mandan Indian Earthen home.  I checked, my cell phone worked in there.  They had wireless.  They were the technologically advanced Indian tribe.

We had a great bus driver, a good thing since the winds made us sea sick all the way home, and cars who passed us were praying we didn’t blow over and squish them like a bug.  Both hands on the wheel, Art!


I don’t know how to conclude this story, so a little advice:  if you chaperone a trip with a bunch of kids, get more sleep than I did.  It will help everyone involved.



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  1. Larisa
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 17:09:34

    Where did you say that East Indian Maple wood is from??? How many Supreme Court Justices sit in those 5 chairs? (revamped that one a little) 😉
    Thanks for being an awesome group leader yesterday and sending pics of that goofy kid sitting behind you on the bus!!! 🙂


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