My favorite style this year and other stuff

It is the answer to every mom’s laundry dilemma: mis-matched sox for my girls.  I just have to wash all the stuff and pile the socks in a heap.  They grab one for each foot and call it good.  And it is cool.   It is all the rage, started no doubt some  genius mother who loves sorting socks as much as I do.  I could just hug her.


I got my first dandelion from a student at recess yesterday.  It is a sure sign of things to come, when the color is coming from flowers we actually want.  Until then, we marvel in a simple weed.


There are student teachers and then there is Mr. Stinar.  He was one of those people who impacted my kids in such a positive way, they will never forget him.  Today was his last day, and my kids, especially Curly, are very sad to see him go.  Although, in the big picture, we only have 23 days of school left, so they can muscle through.    Did you hear me???  23 MORE DAYS!!  WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!


And then there was Amish Furniture.  Remember the story about how we placed the order back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth but somehow missed the e-mail saying it was ready?  I put my mother-in-law on the job and she got instant results.  Guess it has been ready for a while but they forgot to tell us.  Now my furniture is waiting at her home until we can get it to our home.  And it is big enough to throw sheets on when company piles in and call it a bed – bunk bed, actually.


Now I am off for pedicures with my Mothers of Multiples friends – people love when we pile in a place and tell them we all have twins or triplets or more.  We become super heroes in those moments.  And the stupid questions fly… most of which I have great answers for.  Yep, we were trying for triplets.  Yep, I knew before they were born.  Yep, I am tired.  Yep, my hands are full.  Yep, I am amazing.

Today we sold our old camper.  Oh wait, I haven’t told you about getting a new one.  That can be my next blog entry when I can take pictures because I can get in it.  In our excitement of the purchase, we forgot to get the keys.  Smile  Yep, we are amazing.


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