Snapshots of insanity

Today stunk.  Even the opening song by all the castoff’s of AI tonight sucked.  There is a reason we voted them off – we didn’t want to hear them anymore.  I am grumpy for so many reasons.

Conversation between some random mom and her son on the way to school this morning:

Mom, “Hey, kiddo, did you take your meds?”

Son, “Ahhhhh….ooooops….ummmmmm…oh shoot, nope.”

Mom, “I can’t go home and get one, you are going to have to deal.  Make sure you tell your teacher so she doesn’t just think you are nuts.”

Thus, a day can get started just super awesome right out of the shoot for some random people.

It was a long day of work.  Never fear, I will not be beaten at any manipulation game, I am the queen of them all.  But all this winning sure wears me out.  I did get a sticker from one of the kids and it said I was a super friend, so that was almost as good as a good medal in the Mind Game Olympics.  I needed a nap.

But nope.  After school, I was bombarded by the random boy above’s massive packet of late work.  (Ummmm, hello, where did this stuff all magically appear from?) We enjoyed a quiet family evening of sitting at the table trying not to cry, or maybe actually crying.  I am not sure which.  There is nothing more relaxing after a day of working with special kids who work extra hard to be successful than coming home and doing more of the same.  Except that at home, I am a) more emotionally invested and b) plum out of patience.  a + b requires extra self control, which at this point, I am out of as well.  I hopped on FB while he worked on spelling worksheet.  I hate spelling.  I think the feeling was mutual.

I burned my finger on my waffle iron.  OUCHIE (but the kids loved them!)

Bill and I actually went out for dinner this date night.  Texas Roadhouse called our name and we answered.  We each had a salad and I would like to know how I used to eat that whole thing complete with more than 3 or 4 rolls (maybe up to 6 – who’s counting?)  Lunch for tomorrow is in the the fridge. 

Don’t worry, we did hit up Ghetto Wally World after our dinner, would hate to miss that traditional part of our date night.  We saw a dude talking to himself and got behind a different guy who didn’t know how pay (thinking English was not his primary language, couldn’t quite figure the issue out??)  so it was a complete Wally World experience.  Oh yeah, and a screaming kid – like all-out screaming with no parental intervention.  Luckily, this kid was WAY across Wally World so I couldn’t get involved.  The guy behind us in line yelled, “Someone give that kid a sucker!”  I was thinking more like…well, today wasn’t the day for me to make a judgment. 

What made my day?  It is hard to be healthy when we are gone so much.  Grab and go snacks are really hard to come by…but JOY OF JOYS I found this:


So really, GoGO squeez appleapple applesauce on the go to the rescue!!  For only 77 cents. 

Day saved by a freaky green squeezy thing!!


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