Hip Hip Hooray!!

Today, I accomplished so much I am proud of myself and I learned a few things along the way.  My day began at 7:30 AM when Lucy decided we had gotten enough sleep.  I couldn’t pass her off onto anyone else because I was home alone.  Dang.  I decided at that moment to get started on my massive to-do list. 

Dear City Sewage System,

I am sorry that I used way more than my share of water today.  I washed 11 loads of laundry using my front loader.  Do you know how much laundry that is?  I washed all my bedding, bathroom rugs, and even the snow pants, hats, scarves, and mittens (on top of the clothes piled high.)  I am so proud of the fact that I folded it all too.  The mountain of clean stuff was amazing, probably the highest point in ND.  I also cleaned the bathrooms and ran the dishwasher.  Sorry.  I will conserve another day.

Love, Rebel Me

I also learned that rubber-backed rugs can and will adhere to laminate wood flooring.  I learned this the hard way when I pulled up the entryway rug to mop under it and half of the rug stuck to the floor.  I had to work in increments (it is a danger to get the arm fat flapping too wildly) but I scrubbed it all off.  The rubber backing doesn’t know about my OCD floor shining fetish.  It is now clean, and I have a reason to go rug shopping tomorrow. 

Another important lesson we learned around here is that dogs can smell anhydrous ammonia before people can.  Lucy kept whining at the back door and I was stinkin’ sick of it because I was in the cleaning zone…don’t interrupt that…and I wasn’t in the mood to let her out every 10 minutes so she could stand on our patio and sniff the air.  (Side note:  did you notice how I said “patio”?  We are officially snow free in the back yard!!!!)  I guess what she was trying to tell me was that there was a leak just south of town and I needed to shut the air exchanger off.  I figured that out when I got my very first ever Code Red call.  Caller ID said “Emergency Comm” so I answered it, and they told me to shut my windows and stay inside.   OK.  My biggest concern was that I hadn’t showered and if I had to evacuate, I wasn’t a pretty site.  Petty, huh?  My thinking is that whoever is stealing anhydrous to make meth better have been smart enough to not have driven or walked through the mud because I watched Dateline all day today and they will be caught!!

I also worked on my menu plan for the upcoming week.  This past Friday’s plans changed so I didn’t get to the menu item.  Other than that, all meals were successful and I fed my family!! 

3 cheers for supper every night, clean laundry, and a spit shined bathroom!!  It was a successful week around these parts!



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer
    Apr 09, 2011 @ 22:37:19

    Awesome photos…awesome writing!

    Choose Happiness & Success!


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